Developing the Annual Audit Plan

Open and in-house

Course participants will learn how to incorporate the organisation’s key data into the plan and, as a result, establish the audit strategy of the future They will learn how to develop a planning methodology that emphasises outcome rather than output. This course will enables participants to focus on adding real value to the organisation by creating a concrete annual audit plan which is totally business-focused.

What will I learn?

By attending this course, delegates will have the knowledge and skills to address the following key issues related to annual audit planning:
  • Who should be consulted – including whether there a risk you are consulting too widely?
  • What is best practice in terms of linking the IA plan to key risk areas, whilst delivering core assurance areas?
  • How to factor in value and value add into the planning process?
  • How to address differences between Senior Management and the Audit Committee?
  • How to effectively address the question “Do you have enough resource”? in a way that gets a constructive debate going
  • What is the best way to approach longer term planning horizons, the annual plan and ad hoc audit work?
  • How to use the annual plan to deepen the relationship between the head of audit and senior stakeholders?