Data security for internal auditors

Course information:

The rapid pace of technological change and globalisation have profoundly transformed the scale and way personal data is collected and organisations must ensure they are taking every measure to protect their data. With the new ‘General Data Protection Regulations’ (GDPR) organisations now more than ever need to focus on safeguarding their data.

This course demonstrates how to review the effectiveness of your data security safeguards and adopt some simple measures to protect businesses and individuals from being victims of data loss. The course will also focus on the new GDPR and the significant changes that organisations will need to adopt.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • recognise your organisation’s current data exposures
  • identify the safeguards required to protect your data
  • understand the risks of cloud computing and social media
  • implement current data protection legislation
  • understand the EU revisions of the Data Protection Act.

Who should attend?
The course is open to all.