About IIA Sweden

IIA Sweden is a small but very active IIA Institute. And actually, one of the oldest since we were established in 1951. We have approx. 750 members from all sectors.


We only have personal membership which means that every person has to apply to become a member and the board of IIA Sweden approves the application before accepting a member. A company can not become a member although most of our members have a company or agency paying for the membership.

IIA Global give the advice to members to belong to the institute in the country where that person works, and the reason for this is of course that it is helpful to belong to the same IIA as the colleagues do, but also because of networking and mentorship opportunities. But of course, it is up to each person to decide which institute to be a member of.

Pretty often we get the question if it could work out to be a member of IIA Sweden although a person is not fully speaking Swedish or no Swedish at all. A couple of years ago we think the answer to this question probably would have been no, but now the situation has changed. IIA Sweden offer several seminars and courses in English every year, sometimes in cooperation with the other Nordic or European countries and we started an International Network last year for this target group.


We don’t offer the basic course in internal auditing in English since there has not been any demand for it, but we recommend to attend the course from IIA UK, where our members get member prices.


At the GRC Conference, which is our main conference, we strive to offer at least one track in English so it could be interesting to attend for everyone, regardless of language. Find out more about the conference website: www.grc-conference.eu


IIA Sweden have 8 active networks and through them we offer free-of-charge events a couple of times each year. Last year, IIA Sweden provided more than 60 free-of-charge CPE points. People who are involved in the networks all do it voluntarily so there are also opportunities to join.


IIA Sweden also provide mentorship to members who would like to further develop their capabilities. https://theiia.se/mentorskap/


Since we are a national institute, we can not have every event in English, but we do provide good services to people who are not speaking Swedish! Check out the list of our events here: https://theiia.se/utbildningar_aktiviteter/



Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to get more information. Write to: info@theiia.se or call Stina 073-5795573

Bli medlem

Genom att vara medlem i Internrevisorernas förening har du möjlighet att knyta värdefulla kontakter och utbyta erfarenheter med andra inom samma bransch. Du får också tillgång till värdefull kunskapsutbyte och förmånliga rabatter. Bli medlem hos oss idag!

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