ECIIA presents: Skills and Staff rotation in the Internal Audit Function in financial institutions

ECIIA Banking Committee

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) have recently published a new position paper, which aims to discuss the skill and staff rotation in the Internal Audit Function (IAF) in financial institutions.

The position paper is available here.

The position paper published by the ECIIA Banking Committee, includes guidance to the Internal Audit departments of financial institutions, addressing the following: skills inventory, assessment and development; staff rotation and talent management.

Financial institutions and the banking sector as a whole are significantly impacted and disrupted due to the vast and fast-paced changes in today’s business environment. Therefore, better tools and skillsets from Internal Audit are needed.

The ECIIA is the voice of internal audit in Europe. The role of ECIIA is to enhance corporate governance through the promotion of the professional practice of internal auditing. The mission is to develop good Corporate Governance and Internal Audit at the european level among the 47 000 members of the ECIIA.