CPE Reporting & The IIA Certification Registry

While the requirement to obtain the correct number of CPEs has not changed due to COVID-19 (e.g. 40 CPE for CIA still applies), the Professional Certifications Board of The IIA Gobal has agreed to some flexibility to handle exceptions.

If you are concerned about meeting the CPE requirements, please submit a case in CCMS. Members will have a 6-month grace period to earn CPE hours when audited.

There are many opportunities to earn CPE. In addition to training offered by IIA Sweden, The IIA Global offers online training, such as The Webinar Playback Library free to members. Make sure to review the CPE policy for qualifying CPE activities.

All members who have an IIA certification and maintain it by reporting CPE are eligible to opt in to The IIA Certification Registry. This up-to-date record provides an opportunity for employers and recruiters to verify your certification. The registry will only include the following: certification holder’s first and last name, certificate ID, certification status, and country of residence. Inclusion in the registry is voluntary.